Captivating ceremonies that

make marriage meaningful

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Maxine.

                                                            Just like 'The Darkness', 

I believe in a thing called love, and I'm on a mission to change our approach to weddings. 



I call myself a Marriage Celebrant because although my couples often say their ceremony was the highlight of their day, when you choose to create your own ceremony from scratch, what you actually end up with is something that will stay with you well into your married life.


It's great to develop a clear picture of what you want at your wedding, but not at the expense of why you're getting married. I help couples take stock, reminisce, have fun together, and never lose sight of what really matters.

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Couple Therapist



How about you?


'We're not really sure what a humanist ceremony is.'

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'We're totally set on a celebrant-led ceremony.

Tell us more about your style.'

Find out what I do, how I do it, and why I'm different.


'You already sound like our cup of tea. What is the next step?'

Impulsive. I like it. Then let's meet up and get the ball rolling.

From the very start, Maxine made us feel that our story and our love mattered.”


Erik & Laura