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From Good to Great!

For the nearly-weds, the newly-weds, the long-time weds, and the never-want-to-wed-we’re-happy-as-we-are-thanks

I've worked in-depth with over a hundred and fifty varied and diverse couples over the last six years, and if there's one lesson I've taken away from each and every one of them, as well as the last sixteen glorious years with my husband, it's that we never stop learning about love.


Despite thinking I was one of the lucky few that had a 'perfect' relationship, I uncovered so many hidden depths through my own coaching experiences. 


Along with the topics of sex and death, long-term love can feel like a 'taboo' topic in UK society - something that belongs behind closed doors. We receive no life lessons or instruction on how love changes and evolves over time, and how we can re-connect and re-kindle the fire after facing the hardships life throws our way.


" We tend to see love as a feeling, when really it's a skill."


The coaching package I offer gives you a unique glimpse into your relationship. What are your strengths? What areas can you work on?

How can you ensure your relationship is not just good, but great






The Couple's Coaching Package

The Couple's Coaching Package includes:


  • A three-part relationship assessment, and feedback session.


I use a research-based approach to couple's coaching, and follow a system that has a 94% success rate of assessing the strength of a relationship. But don't be scared - this is not about judging, it's about learning and blossoming. After all, this is coaching, not counselling.


This first stage of coaching should feel like a retreat or spa day for your relationship; indulgent, positive, relaxing and rejuvenating!

  • A bespoke plan to get you from good to great, plus a unique toolkit for your relationship


Based on your assessment and your own needs and desires, we'll work on strengthening key areas of your relationship, giving you a toolkit you can practice and use over the months and years to come.


This is likely to include creating your own relationship rituals, date night ideas and agendas, shortcuts to reconnecting with each other, and designing some shared goals. 


The themes we will focus on will include navigating conflicts, enriching your friendship, examining your roles, and exploring your 'culture of two'.

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Contact me for more information on my couple's coaching package.

I also offer a combined coaching and celebrancy package for those couples wishing to include coaching as part of their preparation for marriage. Message me for details!


MSc Psychotherapy       MA Education   
Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2 trained        Qualified Gottman Couple Workshop Facilitator

Maxine Beech is a Humanist Celebrant and Couple's Coach based where the North West meets the Welsh Borders meets the West Midlands, but will follow you to virtually any location on earth to deliver your perfect ceremony. Frequently working in Shropshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Herefordshire, Wales, Staffordshire, and also London and Cambridge.


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