Photo 1 - Kathryn and James - Photographer: Emilie May

This photo was shortlisted as it conveys the raw emotion felt in a humanist ceremony. A tight embrace like no-one is watching - but at the same time notice the bridesmaids giving them a warm round of applause in the background.


Photo 2 - Alex and Florence - Photographer: Casey Avenue

This photo was shortlisted as it shows how important family is to the couple. Florence and Alex wanted to mix up the tradition of 'giving the bride away' by getting all four of their parents up at the front to give their blessings and kick off the celebrations with a smile.


Photo 3 - Livi and Matt - Photographer: Louise Powell

This photo was shortlisted for its portrayal of the couple taking ownership fo their ceremony and doing it their way. They got all of their wedding party up at the end for a shot and a toast as we announced them as husband and wife.


Photo 4 - Heath and Kath - Photographer: Andy W

Even though the couple aren't visible, this photo was shortlisted as it captures the collaboration between celebrant, couple and guests. We'd just told the story of how Emma helped Kath meet Heath - so Emma was supplied with this sign to make Kath erupt into giggles.


Photo 5 - Holly and Damen - Photographer: Tony Fanning

This photo was shortlisted for the beautiful way it shows the interaction between the couple, and between the couple and celebrant - full of smiles, familiarity and a great sense of fun.

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