My Story

“I often get asked why I’m a celebrant.

The simplest and most honest answer is because

I love being married.”

Mr B (more commonly known as Richard) and I have been married for ten years and together for sixteen. I met him during freshers week at university at a kung-fu club demo (yes, really).

It was a real crossroads point in life, and he changed my world forever (for any Pocahontas fans, this scene describes all you need to know).


Ever since we’ve been together, life has been one big adventure. Always changing, always-evolving. Of course it was Richard who gave me the final nudge I needed to become a celebrant in the first place. 


"In the words of Massive Attack; 'love is a doing word'.

Ten years on and marriage just keeps getting better."

Over the six years I’ve been a celebrant, it became more and more apparent that, although I love a good wedding (who doesn’t love a party!), it was the stories, nuances, hopes and challenges my couples shared that gave my job the most meaning and satisfaction.


Hence my decision to shift the emphasis from ‘wedding celebrant’ to ‘marriage celebrant’.


More about me

*I live on a canalside in Shropshire. The view from my window is ever changing.

*I'm a cat person. I have a rescue cat, Chia, who will probably interrupt any of our Skype calls, and I foster for Shropshire Street Cats. I even run a rescue Cat Cafe from home. Of course you're welcome to visit!

*I also have two miniature shetlands, Moomin and Calliope, who believe they are unicorns (or is that just me?)

*When I'm meeting couples and writing scripts, I can usually be found in artisan coffee shops. If you're a coffee snob like me, I'll make sure we meet somewhere up to standard.

*When I'm not working, Mr B and I can usually be found CrossFitting, doing yoga, bouldering, outdoor swimming, or out on some date day activity - usually learning something new

*I try my best to be a good, decent human being. I'm a humanist, vegan, and generally bit of a hippy. Stories of human kindness make me melt. My dream is to turn my garden into a bit of an allotment/ smallholding (full of rescued farm animals). 




Other Credentials:

Psychotherapist. Gottman trained couple therapist and workshop facilitator. Celebrant Mentor.        Accreditation Observer. Death Cafe Facilitator. Passionate Fundraiser.


So that's me. How about you?

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