Vow Writing Workshop

Want to write your own wedding vows but don't know where to start?


Book a vow workshop with me to set you on course and guide you through the process.

Sure, you can find a lot of vows online to plagiarise, but my approach to vow writing is radically different. After all, you're not performing poetry, you're making the most sincere commitment possible to another human being - the person you have chosen to share your life with. You need to both own your words, and live by them.

"As a marriage celebrant and relationship coach, I have two aims: that your vows are meaningful, and that you can actively use them in your married life!"

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of writing something so important?

I take you on a journey that makes vow writing fun, easy, and absolutely full of meaning. 

Feeling stressed about the idea of saying them out loud? 

We can work on this too, taking into consideration public speaking techniques, how to use space and positioning, and even tailoring the structure and format of your vows.


What's included?


  • A 45-60 minute face to face or Skype workshop including approaches to vows, formatting and of course content.

  • All follow up work by email as you craft your vows together or in secret.

  • Printed copies of your vows to read on the day.

  • A beautiful mounted print of your vows for you to keep.

  • A heavily discounted rate for any future renewal of vows ceremonies or workshops.

Why not make your gift registry extra meaningful?

Vow Workshops can also be given as pre-wedding gifts. Just ask for a gift voucher when contacting me.

Vow Writing Workshop Fees


Contact me now for more information or to book your workshop

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*Vow workshops and mounted prints are included in my wedding celebrancy package. It's just one of the many tasks I have designed to keep you closer together in the build up to your wedding day. 

Maxine Beech works with couples all across the UK and all over the world, helping them say what they really mean to each other, and craft the very best foundation for their married life.

Join the wedding revolution.

Maxine Beech is a Humanist Celebrant and Couple's Coach based where the North West meets the Welsh Borders meets the West Midlands, but will follow you to virtually any location on earth to deliver your perfect ceremony. Frequently working in Shropshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Herefordshire, Wales, Staffordshire, and also London and Cambridge.


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