Vow Writing Workshop

Want to write your own wedding vows but don't know where to start?


Book a vow workshop with me to set you on course and guide you through the process.

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Sure, you can find a lot of vows online to plagiarise, but my approach to vow writing is radically different. After all, you're not performing poetry, you're making a sincere commitment to another human being and planning your future together. You need to both own your words, and live by them. I guide you through the why, the what, and the how of vow writing. In our workshop we'll cover structure, content, but most importantly meaning. Consider it a mini-therapy session. I guarantee you'll leave brimming with ideas and a fresh outlook on the purpose of vows.

"As a marriage celebrant and relationship coach, I have two aims: that your vows are meaningful, and that you can actively use them in your married life!"

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of writing something so important?

I take you on a journey that makes vow writing fun, easy, and absolutely full of meaning. 

Already married? Not getting married? 

The vow workshops are perfect for couples who are newly engaged and planning their wedding, but also for couples who want to commit to each other without the marriage part! Similarly, some couple may wish to refresh their wedding vows to celebrate an anniversary, or just spend some time together, reconnecting, reflecting, and discovering what they really treasure about their relationship.


What's included?


  • An online workshop lasting at least one hour, or face-to-face workshop by request (when possible).

  • Pre- and post-workshop tasks, resources and examples.

  • Aftercare - all follow up work with you by email as you craft your vows together or in secret.

  • A heavily discounted rate for any future renewal of vows ceremonies or workshops.

Why not make your gift registry extra meaningful? Or your anniversary?

Vow Workshops can also be given as gifts. Just ask for a gift voucher when contacting me.

Vow Writing Workshop Fees


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*Vow workshops and prints are included in my wedding celebrancy package. It's just one of the many tasks I have designed to keep you closer together in the build up to your wedding day. 

Maxine Beech works with couples all across the UK and all over the world, helping them say what they really mean to each other, and craft the very best foundation for their married life.

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